What is La Clinica del Pueblo?

It is a Community Health Center.

What types of services are available through La Clinica?

We provide Medical, Dental, Behavioral Health and EMS Services.

What if I don’t have health insurance?

You can apply for our sliding fee discount or arrange for payment plans.

How can I find out more information about La Clinica?

Please call our Patient Advocate at 575-588-6149.

What type of information will I need before I can be seen at La Clinica?

Picture ID, Proof of Insurance.

How soon can I be seen and be treated at La Clinica?

Immediately or call for an appointment at 575-588-7252.

Can I choose La Clinica as my Primary Care Provider?


Can I be seen as a walk-in?


Does La Clinica accept emergencies?

Yes or call 911.

Does La Clinica accept all insurances?


Does La Clinica accept Medicare?


Can an individual get medications at La Clinica?

Yes, however speak to one of our providers.

Does La Clinica offer the capability of X-Ray?


What type of providers does La Clinica offer?

Medical, Dental and Behavioral Health.

Is La Clinica opened on weekends?

No, not currently.

Does an individual need an appointment on Saturdays?

Not currently opened on Saturdays.

Does La Clinica offer any type of Speciality Services?

No, however we will offer a referral.

Does La Clinica accept pregnant patients?


Does La Clinica accept patients that are Veterans?

Yes, on an emergency basis.

Do Veterans have to pay for their visits?

No, we require a prior authorization from the VA.

Does La Clinica provide referral services?


Does La Clinica staff speak and understand Spanish?


Does La Clinica provide handicap facilities?


Does La Clinica have a pharmacy?

For La Clinica patients only.

Does La Clinica have a lab?


Can I fill outside prescriptions in the La Clinica pharmacy?


Can I fill orders from outside providers for lab tests or x-rays at La Clinica?


How can I obtain after-hours care or advise?

We have a Nurse Advise Line.